Dear friend, you are an irreplaceable work of art.

I want to tell your story, and when your story changes, tell it again and again. Holding hands with your loved ones, your hair blowing in the wind, a child's innocence, a genuine smile, watching your child play their favorite sport, are all fleeting moments in time.

I love capturing the moments you didn't know you wanted, the moments you missed, and the moments that go unnoticed or taken for granted. From the way your child laughs, to the way your husband's hand feels surrounding yours, the joy on the face of your child when you jump in the ocean with them.

Let me be there to capture those moments, so that you and your family can remember a life well lived.


My long Hawaiian name is Ku`u`i`ini leikaumakaokamehameha Robinson...but you can just call me Ku`u.  Think of the cereal Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs and you're pretty close to the pronunciation - it was my nickname in grade school.  This island of O`ahu has been my home since the day I was born.  I'm just an island girl at heart exploring this world with my husband and two adorable children.

My family is my everything.  I wouldn't know true happiness without them.  When I bought my first camera, it was to take pictures of my 10 month old son, Gabriel.  I had seen photos of my friends and their families on Facebook and I thought, "I want to take beautiful photos of my kids all the time."  So I bought my first camera, a canon rebel t3i, and I fell in love.  I wanted to photograph everything!  And I still do!  What I love about photography is that there is ALWAYS more to learn, and I will continue to learn every part this journey has to offer, and at the end of my journey I will look back and see that I accomplished what I set out to do:  Take beautiful photos of my kids...and perhaps a little more than that too.

My Jesus is what makes this blessed life possible.  Learning to embrace the woman he created, exactly the way he created me, has been a challenge, but it's a journey and I am on my way.  I'm an absent minded dreamer, with no time for the mundane found in daily tasks.  I want to dream away my days imagining swimming beneath the tallest waterfalls, wandering through magical forests, standing atop the tallest mountains, and swimming in the wide open sea.  I'm a lover of nature, with a flare of whimsy, and I have fought my carefree nature for many years.  To be successful meant being organized, efficient, timely...perfect.  And yet, I've always admired and loved the carefree spirit.  So here I am, learning to love me the way my creator made me, and instead of constantly trying to be more than I am, I'm learning to just be me.

 Meet My Team




A true all-around-artist and explorer-at-heart. Lehua fills her soul with the glorious views of nature on regular hikes through the rain forests of Hawai`i, and then expresses her soul through drawing, painting, ceramics, and photography. Together, Art and Nature breathes life.



Hair & Makeup Artist

Moana Cheryll is one of the most sought after hair and make up artists in Hawaii. With a growing and devoted clientele, Moana is skilled at enhancing one's beauty from within. She believes in making time to really know her clients in order for them to truly look and feel like their best selves.


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