Makuahine, o ka hoopaa (Mother's Bond)


It’s a very special birthday for little Ella. She’s turning one on September 21 and she just loves her momma!

I love finding spots just right off the side of the road this spot was especially one of my favorites. I’ve known for a while that I wanted to photograph a session like this. I’ve had visions in my head of photographing my Hawaiian culture. I absolutely love all of the photos of hula dancers and keiki hula dancers, and I have been trying to find ways to incorporate my love for Hawaii into my photographs. I finally called up one of my high school wrestlers, Rayleen, and together we planned this photo shoot for her baby girl who was turning one. I told her that I was incredibly busy and just wanted to do something fun and stress free, without any expectations of it coming out good or bad, and that I wanted to keep it simple.


The vision in my head has always been a green Haku, a red sarong, and a naked baby. Originally, we planned for the flower bath to be in a tide pool for baby girl, but she is a true blue mama's girl and would not be put down. All she wanted was mama, so the photos I ended up with are beautiful photos of a genuine connection between mother and baby.


I love that what Rayleen is wearing resembles what the old Hawaiians would have worn. Sessions like this are what I live for. Sessions like this are what I dream of, and I would love a few more photo shoots just like this. If you're looking for authentic connection, outdoors mixed with rooted in Hawaiian culture authentic Hawaiian culture then let's get you booked because I can't wait to make your vision come true


HMU: Moana Cheryll
Haku Lei (Floral Crown): Kahihae Floral
Location: Waianae, Hawaii