Water Baby


Baby Leila turned two on the day of the Salas family session. She was the sweetest little girl, who was only happy if she was in the water. I tried my best and used every trick of the trade to distract her from the water, but alas, she was determined to be in the water! Almost all babies and kids love the water, but this girl was ONLY happy if her feet were in the water.

I've learned how incredibly important it is to make sure that kids are happy in their sessions. 

Happy kids = happy photos = happy family

So we stayed in the water and played in the water and had a blast!


The Salas family contacted me for a session and booked me months in advance. SMART move!  As I'm incredibly busy these days with my renovations in my home, digging out and landscaping my backyard, and just a host of so many other things, too much to mention here.

When she contacted me, she had originally wanted a session at another location on the windward side, but we got rained out so I decided to try a brand new adventure at a new location. I chose a beach in Maili, right across from the 76 gas station. It's a spot I see all the time and admire as I drive home to Waianae every day. I think to myself all the time, I should do a session there. And I finally got the chance, thanks to Hazel being such a wonderful client and trusting me with my backup location!


The Salas family is visiting Hawaii from the Bay Area, in California. I can't tell you how much it means to me when people visiting Hawaii find my work, fall in love with it, and book me for a session! It makes me feel so incredibly special, and grateful, that this is my job and that I get to give them the gift of beautiful memories from their vacation to Hawaii!


Dress: Charlotte Russe
HMU: Moana Cheryll
Swimsuit: Missy Lyla's Boutique

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