Chasing Waterfalls

Adventure. Connection. Love. That is my promise.

We climbed down the side of a cliff, baby strapped tight to daddy’s shoulders, desperately clinging to strong roots and ropes strategically tied by good Samaritans’ making our way through the muddy tropical jungle to one of the most iconic waterfalls on Kauai.

This Arizona mama wanted all things HAWAII - ADVENTURE - GREENERY. Eventually we settled on Wailua Falls. I had hiked down here twice. First time I did it with my husband, 2 year old daughter, and 4 year old son. I truly don’t even know what we were thinking at the time, but we had an adventure and I knew this avid hiking family would be up for it. And they nailed it, scaling down cliffs, over rocks, and through mud, like pros.

It was like a dream, walking around, photographing this family just truly enjoying their time together, but then baby girl got hungry. . .and we forgot the snacks at the top! YIKES! So by the end of the shoot, baby girl was not a happy camper, but don’t worry, because even when this happens, I can get gorgeous photos, of you caressing and calming your little one. It’s the moments in between, the real life ones, that are the most beautiful anyway.